Meg Ballard

Mr. C,
I haven’t tried to express my feelings in words until now, I don’t even know if I can but I will try. I started out in Karmesia, and when it started to fall apart my friend Elise Day said that I should come with her and join the Forgotten.  I didn’t know who the Forgotten where, and because I am a very loyal person I didn’t want to leave my original country. But Elise was finally able to drag me over to the Forgotten. The moment I stepped into the room I felt welcome, and at peace about being there.  Before I felt so much pressure about every chose I made, I felt that I couldn’t make a single decision because I might make a bad choice. But when I came to the Forgotten I felt that it was safe for me to make the decision that I thought was best, and that you would support me in it.

I would like to let you know that you made a huge impact on my life. You inspired me, and showed me the what a single person can do. I could see many of my heroes in you, and it gave me hope to someday be like them and you. Thank you so much!