Zoe E.

Mr. C is a dynamo. He is passion is contagious incarnate.

Interest is one of the keys to truly effective learning – both on the part of the students and of the teacher – and Mr. C seems to always be
interested in whatever he’s teaching. This would be insufficient alone, though.

“To be a great orator, you have to love the people,” is one of my favorite quotes from him from this last semester, and the same is true – maybe even
more so – of teachers. Luckily, as much as he cares about what he teaches, he cares about people more – about his students. It’s difficult to
overstate how much this matters.

Because he cares about them on a deep and personal level, they care about him. Because they care about him, they become party to his interest in the
lesson material and learn better because of it. Such is Mr. C’s teaching philosophy in a nutshell, as far as I can tell.

The class that I had with him over the last semester is one of the best I have ever been in.

I can say with full confidence that if you find his classes boring or unengaging, there is something wrong with you. I can also say for certain
that in his class you will learn much more than is on the syllabus – much more about a wider range of topics, life lessons that will stick with you
much longer than most of the official class material will.

–Zoe E.