Sabrina L.

I’m so grateful for your class. I learn something new every day, and even if it’s not a spiritual fact, it still brings the Spirit. Your class is the easiest class I take because you allow me the choice in everything I do in this class. It gives me the chance to lean naturally and in a way I love, and if that means it takes more work, it’s far easier than anything else I’m doing. I have the gift of agency, but you make that gift integral to your class, and I’m so grateful for it.

On a different note, thank you for your class–all of your classes–but especially World Civ. You have reawakened my love for history. As with everything, nothing is set in stone, but I’m going to be going to college for a bachelor’s in History. It’s not fully your fault, but it’s kind of your fault. Thanks for making it easy to be excited for that!

–Sabrina L.