Roman M.

I have made new friends and befriended old foes with the aid of this class. I have never learned so much in any class, and I was always impressed with the concepts and intelligence being displayed. No amount of gratitude could repay Mr. C and my fellow students for the enlightenment I underwent throughout the entirety of this course. Most subjects we discussed were complex, yet Mr. C navigated them with comprehension and simplicity. This balance allowed me to learn a lot more than I imagined. Mr. C had style and gave this class a personality and I loved it. This class was welcoming, it was valuable, and I am forever grateful to Mr. C for making it the best it could be. I am a better speaker, a better student, and a better person. It was a personal as well as an educational journey and I would encourage everyone to take this class because it’s more than worth it. Thank you, Mount Liberty College, and thank you, Mr. C

– Roman M