Nyah Richards

I’d just like you to know how much of an impact you have made on my life. I feel that not only do I belong, but I can help others to belong somewhere as well. After all, everyone should belong somewhere.
I feel that, I can make a difference in this evil world, not can but WILL make a difference. I have already strengthened many relationships that are making my life so much happier, and I believe that my classic, good humor is making them feel good too.
My time in the Forgotten was unforgettable. I had so many emotional roller coasters at sim week, before the Forgotten I was afraid I was going to explode, cry, or throttle someone (thank goodness I didn’t, that would have been a lot of paperwork).
That second day morning, I had had it with the entire simulation and the people in it. I was sitting in Karmesia, talking to a friend, when a person (the guilty will remain nameless…), when he who must not be named flipped me off my chair, grabbed me in a tight grip, then shoved me roughly out of the room, and told it was just a simulation.
This was only one of my terrible experiences that morning.
I was so fed up with it, I cried for an hour. I prayed and recieved nothing. So I went back in to the T.I.R room where I heard Tannen shouting “Noah Richards!” I asked if she meant Nyah.
The next thing I knew I was being carted up to the sick room.
I believe that being in the Forgotten was the answer to my prayer.
I was actually talking to Anna, and I said absently “what if they were sick and we weren’t?” Heh. She’s the one who took it all the way.
Anyway, as soon as I arrived at the sick room, I thought: this is it. I’m done. I mean, come on, small, tiny room, four pitchers of water that were gone In three hours, no air conditioning. My life was over.
Then YOU shook my hand and said “welcome to the REAL simulation”
I knew something good would come out of that cramped room, but what we came up with was genius.
The best thing was the center of it, the standards (not rules) you came up with. You told me I have a voice here, and if I couldn’t say it, you would for me.
I noted that in simulations week, there are sides, never in between. The Independent Republic or Karmesia. But the Forgotten was in the middle, it was the center.
Where refugees and others alike could come and feel like they belonged.
I remember you and I being the only ones willing to give up our places in the shelter, then others joined on.
I remember when the Armor tried to take you. We were all still sitting at the table with you in the middle, I remembered my job, to stay by you because you needed friends. I jumped in the middle with you, and almost instantly everyone followed.
I know it was just a simulation, but things like that can happen in real life, and I’m glad about what I’ve learned being in the Forgotten.
1. Everyone has a voice.
2. Everyone belongs.
3. We don’t write songs or stories, we don’t create art, and we don’t build things. But we can. Not just physically but spiritually, and mentally.
4. We build families, we build friends.
5. We have standards, not rules.
6. Jesus Christ is the center of all things good and charitable, and when we do his work, we are serving our Savior.
Thank you so much! You and everyone else has made me a better person. I’m able to face the evil things of this world with my head held high.
Always Forgotten, but never forgotten.