Melina Garcia

Why I LOVED Mr. C’s classes. My my, where to start! Well besides the fact that Mr. C is absolutely hilarious while teaching world history and choir, he really knows his stuff. Mr. C teaches with a passion and finesse that I have never seen in another teacher. He enjoys what he does, and he really cares about all of his students. In history he teaches in a way that draws in all of his student’s attention so they are not just sitting in a boring lecture about history but sitting in a battlefield or a castle or a crowded street with tons of cool people from history in a front row seat looking at their lives. Pretty epic huh?

Mr. C teaches history in the form of a story. Students like listening to stories more than lectures!!!!! Mr. C is not just an educator but a teacher of history and choir and life, a mentor to all of his students, and the greatest friend EVAHH! As far as choir goes Mr. C teaches that music and choir is not about how well you can sing but how much you try and just enjoy it. He helps all of his students feel more confident with who they are as a person, as a singer, as an astronaut or as ANYTHING and helps teach all of his students to go the extra mile and work hard to accomplish their dreams and to never give up because it is possible. And he teaches us “don’t be stupid” and to “be nice” and “if we are ever about to do something stupid don’t dare think about it until we invite him to come along.” Mr. C is pretty dang fantastic.