Melanee Evans

Every mother has dreams she wants for her children that are as wide as eternity. One of my most pressing dreams was for my children to be influenced in their youth by wise mentors who loved them and could awaken their souls to greatness. I will never forget the first time I heard Chris Jones’s voice boom through my computer speakers and into the lap and heart of my then 12-year-old daughter. I knew in that moment that this man would profoundly change my daughter’s life for the good, but what I didn’t know was that he would change mine too.

There are teachers with a deep intellectual grasp of their material and an ability to teach it with skill. There are also mentors who are so alive with genuine passion for life and for their students development, that those students will cross oceans and continents to meet that mentor’s expectations. Because Chris Jones is both, he has inspired my daughter to set lofty goals, develop talents, traits, and rich friendships, and study books, ideas, and mind-stretching material far beyond her comfort zone. As a bonus, he’s inspired me and my other children to do the same.