Megan Halvorsen

I have only taken one class with Mr. C in my whole life. That’s four short months of knowing him. But he really has made such a difference in the way I approach everything. School actually has meaning, because he cared about what he taught me. His caring didn’t stop at the academic material, either. He actually listened to me, when some teachers would have dismissed me as a silly 14-year-old girl who didn’t think things through properly. Mr. C cared about me. I know that sometimes I can test people’s patience. I’m usually pretty good in classes, but sometimes I have bad days and whenever I had those I would come to class and leave feeling so much more hopeful for the future of the world in general and my life specifically.
And he actually took time to appreciate the individual talents of each student. It isn’t just some general feeling of goodwill toward humanity that makes Mr. C special. It is recognition and genuine appreciation of the individuality of each person that makes he special. Whenever I am in contact with him I feel important, and that is pretty rare.
He taught me to question everything. When I started formal schooling I started to think that it’s best to just fall in line except in those situations where you are encouraged by leaders to state opinions. Mr. C helped me keep the fire and curiosity that I had as a child, and I am so thankful for that. It’s hard to keep that spark, but he was instrumental in helping me to not be content merely with fitting in.