McKenna Gibbons

I had the opportunity of taking a class that was taught by Mr. C my Junior year of high school. I can honestly say that it was my favorite class that I attended during that year. Mr. C was always attentive to all his students and helped them grow in ways that we wouldn’t have expected. I really liked how he took the time to get to know us, and then proceed to push us out of our perceived limits so that we could grow. Being forced out of my comfort zone helped me to learn so much more than if I had stayed where I was comfortable. I also enjoyed the sense of humor that Mr. C brought into each of the classes. Of course he was serious at times, but he also knew that fun was essential to learning. The camaraderie, fun, and personal growth that happened in that class wouldn’t have happened without Mr. C as our teacher. Over all, I learned a lot from Mr. C, and I would gladly take another class from him.