Grace L.

Hey Brother C, I just wanted to say thank you for being such an amazing teacher and for making class so great this year. This was my second year taking a history class at Liahona and by far my favorite. I can tell that you have worked so hard to improve the class and I believe that it has paid off. I learned so much, and was able to come more out of my comfort zone by trying new things, talking to new people, and even going to the academy twice this year even though I was scared and didn’t know anybody there, all because of you and your class.

I also became brave enough to use the Zoom as often as possible (which I have really enjoyed and is one of my favorite additions to class) because I knew that you wanted to see and hear me,and because I knew you cared. I believe I really have become a better, more confident-in-myself-and-my-importance person because I was in your class this year, so thank you Brother C. Thank you.

–Grace L