Ariella Nounna

I am truly thankful for Chris Jones (Mr. C) and what he has taught me through his classes. Having participated in his TJYC 2 and 3, Politics & Government and Economics classes, I regard him very highly. His outstanding teaching style is inspiring to a students mental creativity. He consistently creates an environment of liberty for his students to form opinions on their own, completing the cycle of belief formulation from mad throwings around of wild and wacky ideas to cohesive and neatly set elements in a now solid argument. He does this without a heavy hand of influence and uses choicely placed droplets of information, advice and ideas to bring the student(s) back from the apparent cliff of disaster. Sometimes he would present, expertly, a tiny and vaguely absurd idea that advances along your own line of logic which you may run with for a while until you realize just how far out of left field your idea was! The effect causes you to correct and redirect your thinking and reasoning. For the freedom to think, to allow my thinking to take its natural cycle and form solid reasonings with my well informed and well challenged ideas, I will always be thankful. He has facilitated my acquisition of higher thinking skills as well as a love for knowledge that is not unchallenged by other strong minds. The ideas being finally hammered out until the important things become sure.These are gifts that I will carry with me throughout my life.
Mr. C is a mentor who doesn’t just stick to the typical teaching box. His teaching style is one of active learning and not just passive and rote memorization. He comes up with ways to inspire and push your limits, fostering a love for philosophical and moral debate.
I am truly a different and stronger person because of his mentoring.