Three Empires: Egypt, Greece, and Rome

Start Date: 09/06/2024 | End Date: 05/02/2025


It’s back! The most popular, most-requested, most mind-blowing history class on the planet is back for a fourth run!

It’s Three Empires, the story of the foundational cultures of the western world:

Egypt: for four thousand years this culture dominated the southern Mediterranean. Its influence pushed and pulled every other nation and people, and created some of the most interesting–and weird–traditions in human history, traditions we still partake of today.

Greece: it’s not just mythology–okay, it’s also mythology–but the power of Greek literature, architecture, politics, and art still thunders through the world. Come learn where so many of our “American” icons actually began. And, yes. Mythology. I promise.

Rome: I feel almost ashamed even having to write anything about Rome. I mean, it’s Rome. The Eternal City. The Mother. The last, best hope of civilized mankind. ROME.

You like history? We got history. How about languages? Oh, baby. Plays? Literature? Architecture? Epic tales? Politics? Heroes? Villains? We have all of it, right down to murdered by pirates.

Every sixth Friday, 1pm to 4pm at the Legacy Academy in Nampa, ID (eight times total) and online 1-3 every other week–24(!) total classes plus reading, writing, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Cost:$450 for the full year. Class begins September 6!

Note: class is capped at 25 students for 2024, and it will fill. Register here.