Trinity Flynn and the Kidnappers of the Black Hand

It’s another beautiful mess for Trinity–May, 1921, and five-year-old Giuseppe Verotta has been kidnapped from in front of his tenement on Manhattan’s lower east side. The police mount a massive manhunt, but days go by with no leads, no clues, nothing but a ransom note–the kidnappers are part of the Black Hand, New York’s newest and deadliest gang. With their operatives compromised, and time running out, the police turn to a longshot who’s come up trumps before–Trinity Flynn.But this isn’t a situation where blundering about in the dark will get the job done. Gang war between the Hand and the Irish mob is brewing. Deep undercover in Little Italy, Trinity’s every move is watched by the Hand, who can smell a trap like a hound sniffs out blood. Even if she can finger the kidnappers, can she find where they’re keeping the boy–before he winds up in the Hudson River? And what but guts, luck, and Trinity’s spectacular flair for narrow escapes can keep her from joining him?The second book in the Trinity Flynn series ratchets the pace and the tension up another notch, as Trinity races time and the gang to save a child, a family, and her city.

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