The Short Death of Dakota Pemberton (Cheating Death book 2)

Sara Elizabeth Twopenny Rogers is one of Death’s most successful Palatines. What that unfortunately means is that Sara has killed a lot of people. In fairness, they were supposed to be dead already, and she’s pretty sure things will be even worse if they aren’t sent on, if you get the meaning.

And then comes Dakota Pemberton.

She’s Sara’s new partner–her ninth–and she cheated Death in a bar. And on the street outside. And two blocks away. Some sort of record, Sara’s thinking. Dakota’s husband, unfortunately, was not blessed with the same level of good luck, and got himself reaped by mistake. Now that mistake is Sara’s, and it’s going to make her lose her mind, if not her life.

Unraveling the short life of Eric Pemberton leads to a lot more than Sara and Dakota bargained for, into a network of drugs, extortion, and corruption that even Death’s own minions can’t escape alive.

Coming Fall of 2023. Watch this space for more.