Cheating Death (Cheating Death book 1)

Meet Sara Elizabeth Twopenny Rogers. She cheated Death, dodging a bullet that had her name (and eventually part of her scalp) on it. But Death is an honest businessman, and he doesn’t get cheated. Fortunately, he’s willing to cut a deal.

Sara has a choice: she can, you know, die, for real this time, or she can go to work fixing other situations in which cheating has occurred. Perhaps she should have been more clear that this meant killing people. But they’re supposed to be dead, like she was, so it’s okay, right?


Well, no. First off, there are things that don’t add up about the Boss’s whole operation. Then there are the memory lapses, the matter-of-fact way the Palatines–they call themselves “Reapers” have of offing the “anomalies”. Sara was–barely–willing to be part of some cosmic justice league, but she is not willing to be a glorified mob hitter, no matter how fancy the new apartment is. So she quits.

She was warned.

Turns out you can’t go home again. And when Sara tries, the universe makes it very clear that there are, for her, only two ways out. And either of them will take her life.